All things considered, I guess you could say I’m pretty lucky.

Of all the unemployed people out there, and especially the unemployed recent college grads, I might have one of the best situations.

Image by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

I have a partner in life who thankfully has a good job that enables us to live pretty comfortably. We have a tiny one bedroom apartment (you can literally see every square foot standing in one place), but it’s all we need. We’re able to make our car payments, student loan payments, and all other bills while still having enough left over for nights out with friends and an emergency medical fund.

Now, things might be easier if I were working too. We would reach our financial goals and pay off debt faster, and we would be able to save for the future.

But I am lucky, blessed, or however you want to put it, and I realize that. As for as our immediate needs, and even several of our wants, we’re fine (for now) with just my husband’s income.

I have had friends tell me they are jealous of me. They look longingly at me, and say they wish they were in my shoes.

My reaction to this is mixed because I know I should be thankful and I know there are millions worse off than me. But I don’t like hearing those words. Sometimes, they make my cheeks burn and embarrassment and shame rise in my throat.

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